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Richard Powell
Edwin O'Connor
Harry Kemelman
Helen Hoover
D. R. Sherman
Volume 4 - 1966
Don Quixote, U.S.A.
All In The Family
Saturday The Rabbi Went Hungry
The Gift Of The Deer
Brothers Of The Sea
Volume 4 - 1966 $1.00  

Weldon Hill
Moran Lord
Geraldine Napier
William Brinkley
Victoria Holt
Volume 3 - 1966
Churchill: The Struggle for Survival
Here Come the brides
The Ninety and Nine
Menfreya In The Morning
Volume 3 - 1966 $1.00  

Paul Gallico
Gene Smith
Edwin O'Connor
Richard E. Byrd
Dick Francis
Willard Temple
Volume 2 - 1964
The Hand of Mary Constable
When The Cheering Stopped
I Was Dancing
Too Young To Be A Grandfather
Volume 2 - 1964 $1.00  

Anya Seton
Leo Rosten
Stanley Wolpert
Axel Munthe
Franklin Russell
Volume 2 - 1962
Devil Water
Captain Newman M.D.
Nine Hours To Rama
The Story of San Michele
Watchers At The Pond
Volume 2 - 1962 $1.00  

A. J. Cronin
Gavin Maxwell
Edwin O'Connor
Charles Dickens
Elizabeth Savage
Arthur C. Clarke
Volume 4 - 1961
The Judas Tree
Ring of Bright Water
The Edge of Sadness
A Christmas Carol
Summer of Pride
A Fall of Moondust
Volume 4 - 1961 $1.00  

John Steinbeck
Irving Stone
Theodore H. White
Oliver Statler
James Hilton
Volume 3 - 1961
The Winter of Our Discontent
The Agony and the Ecstasy
The Making of the President 1960
A Lodging For The Emperor
Goodbye Mr. Chips
Volume 3 - 1961 $1.00  

Ernest K. Gann
Keith Wheeler
Eve Curie
Whit Masterson
Harris Greene
Volume 2 - 1961
Fate Is The Hunter
Peaceable Lane
Madame Curie
Evil Come Evil Go
The 'Mozart' Leaves At Nine
Volume 2 - 1961 $1.00  

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