True Believers

By Doug Richardson

Senator Will Sullivan and his wife Gwen are a golden couple - brilliant, beautiful, charismatic, and powerful, facing a glorious future few Americans will ever know.
Only one important piece is missing from their lives: a child. But now their dream is about to become reality - at a price too terrible to imagine.
After years of heartbreaking disappointments, Gwen Sullivan is finally pregnant, thanks to a special procedure performed at a confidential Dallas clinic.
But the small life that grows within her was not created by her husband. Instead, it is the spawn of an imprisoned psychopath responsible for an unspeakable slaughter - a twisted cult leader whose powers extend far beyond his prison cell, a dark messiah whose acolytes are everywhere.
True Believers By Doug Richardson

Book and Dust Jacket are in very good condition

There is no edge wear or dinged corners.

Published by Avon Books - First Edition June 1999
ISBN-10: 0-380-97315-4
391 Pages

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