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Systems Maintenance
Basic and Advanced Light Plane Systems Maintenance.

Your airplane's nerve center demands careful maintenance. Here's how to inspect behind the panel and maintain and refashion it for more efficient IFR and VFR management. Also, advice on maintaining the vacuum and pitot-static systems, the engine instruments, and the electrical system, including alternators, generators, and batteries.

ISBN-10: 0-9615196-2-2
205 Pages

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Top End
Light Plane - Firewall Forward

The Top End of your engine is where most of the action is. In that explosive environment, neglect and faulty maintenance can take a terrible toll ranging from engine failure, with it's dangers to life and limb, to draining costs and flying time lost.

The wise owner/pilot knows the top end of his powerplant and keeps it healthy.
This book is designed to enable you to make the right decisions to keep your engine both reliable and affordable.

ISBN-10: 0-9615196-2-2
230 Pages
Body Maintenance
Basic and Advanced Light Plane Body Maintenance.

From the ground up, protecting your airplane during ground operation and making it more attractive.

Here are details on how to maintain the undercarriage, including tires, bearings, struts, dampers and brakes, plus how to control corrosion and cracking, beautify the exterior and render the cockpit and cabin more comfortable.

ISBN-10: 0-9615196-3-0
213 Pages

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